Delivery, Return and Exchange Information


Product will be delivered from ENAAF's main warehouse at Toronto. Product will be delivered within 2-7 business working days depending on the location. Delivery charge will be applied based on delivery location using Canada Post as courier. Delivery charge on any single purchase by end user/consumer over CAD $50 is on us. This free delivery offer on purchase over CAD $50 is not applicable for retailers.




We want to provide the best customer experience to our users. We are offering "FREE DELIVERY" to our users, anywhere in the country, for net purchase value over CAD $50. We used to offer "FREE Return" as well, but due to some recent cases where our "free return" policy were used inappropriately, we are changing our return policy in the following way:

For net purchase value (purchase value after any amount of discount or purchase value after exchange) over CAD $100, Delivery and Exchanges are free, one time, within 30 days of purchase. To start the exchange process, just send us the info in the following form mentioning your Order ID, the item(s) and your expected exchange.

In case of return, if the net purchase value (net value after return value) is less than CAD $ 100, a flat amount of CAD $ 15 will be deducted from customer refund amount. If customer buys a single product and then wants to return that single product, net purchase value would be considered CAD $ 0, thus CAD $ 15 will be deducted from customer refund amount.

In case of exchange, if the net purchase value is less than CAD $ 100, a flat amount of CAD $ 15 will be charged for next exchange delivery.

Customer will need to cover the return cost for both full return and exchange return. However, in case of net purchase value ( value after return or exchange) over CAD $ 150, we will continue offering "FREE RETURN" as before. We will also provide free return option to our loyal users, upon our discretion, based on previous user record.

Just email us the following information at :

Your Name:

Your Woodland Canada email ID:

Order ID:

Expected Exchange (Expected Product ID/ Expected Size):


Return and exchange conditions:

  • All returned items must be in their original state, with all tickets/labels attached and deemed by ENAAF Inc. to be unworn/undamaged before they can be accepted for a refund.
  • Delivery and shipping fees are non-refundable (applicable for orders below $100).
  • Products can be returned/exchanged within 30 days of sale, and the refund amount will be applied to the original tender. Refunds/exchanges are not permitted after the allowable return period (30 days).
  • Items purchased in person from Point of Sales/Brand Ambassadors can also be returned to the same Point of Sales/Brand Ambassadors.